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FIM Special Touristic Gatherings

Adventure, Endurance and vintage


FIM Adventure Touring

For Adventure Lovers.

FIM Adventure Touring Events are events to be completed on a mixture of paved and unpaved roads, designed for riders wishing to combine the aspects of travel, discovery and “off road” riding. Vehicles used must comply with road traffic code requirements of the relevant nation and be authorised to travel on the public road.


FIM Endurance Touring

Endure if you can.

Endurance Touring events.


FIM Vintage

For Vintage Lovers.

FIM Vintage Gatherings are events encouraging the use and display of vintage and classic motorcycles. These meetings may be at a fixed location or follow a predetermined route, commensurate with the age or characteristics of the motorcycles being used, in both cases illustrating the age and characteristics of the motorcycles being used.