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FIM Classic Touristic Gatherings

On road, "classic" motorcycle riders gatherings


FIM Rally

The Adventure of Your Life.

FIM Rally was first held in 1936. It is a three-day gathering of motorcycle touring riders at a selected location. Participants register preferably through their country’s national federation or directly with the organizers. Many riders camp at the rally centre while hotel accommodation is arranged nearby for non- camping riders. All the participants come together each night to take their meals together and enjoy nightly entertainment provided. During the days of the rally there are guided visits to interesting touristic spots as well as a Parade of Nations, a motorcycle parade, by nation through the local community. On the last night, after dinner there is a closing awards ceremony.


FIM Motocamp

Rediscover Nature.

FIM Motocamp is similar to the FIM Rally but is intended for campers only. In order to be eligible for any awards, the participants must be camping on the site. Non-camping motorcyclists are welcome, but they must arrange their accommodation themselves.


FIM Rendez - Vous Meritum

The Full Experience.

FIM Rendez-Vous / Meritum is an invitational event that is only open to those who have attended five or more FIM Rallies or Motocamps. It is an informal gathering of experienced riders who all have common Rally and Motocamp memories.


FIM Mototour of Nations

A Ride You'll Never Forget.

FIM Mototour of Nations is a four-day travelling event that has a limited number of participants. The riders stay in good quality hotels each night and travel each day on guided, scenic touristic roads, visiting local culture and tasting local gastronomy. Food and accommodation are always provided by organizers.


FIM Mototour of Races

The Racing Experience.

The Mototour of Races is a VIP class event organised under the auspices of the FIM Touring Commission. It has very a limited number of participants who are given the privilege of a totally “inside the race” experience.