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Following the widely reported and devastating news regarding the recent huge earthquake in Türkiye and Syria, the FIM has responded to an urgent appeal by the Turkiye Motorcycling Federation (TMF) by sharing the request for vital equipment with its national federations and the wider motorcycling community.

To summarise the situation:

The roads in the earthquake affected area were severely destroyed, meaning that medicine and rescue teams can only reach these regions by using off-road motorcycles and quads.


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FIM Touring Events Calendar 2023

The 2023 FIM TOURING EVENTS CALENDAR is here! 74 events in 16 countries around the world. Find out all the dates:

- 5 Classic Events — FIM Rally, FIM Motocamp, FIM Mototour and FIM Meritum

- 11 World Touring Challenges

- 9 Special Gatherings — Adventure, Vintage and Endurance Touring

- 12 International Touring Meetings

All details can be found in our Calendar Section



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FIM Touring World Challenge 2022 Winners

FIM Touring World Challenge winners for 2022.

Individual: Mr. Zvonko Jurić, BMW moto klub Zagreb (Croatia - HMS)

Club: Moto Clube do Porto (Portugal - FMP)

Awards were presented by Mr. Jorge Viegas, FIM President



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FIM Mototour of Nations 2022

FIM Mototour of Nations 2022 took place in Kavala, Greece from 20. to 24. 9. 2022.

Event data:
224 participants; 158 riders (motorcycles) and 2 cars.
Participants came from 16 countries + Greece (organisers), Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom


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FIM Mototour of Races 2022

For the first time, in 2022, new touring format was introduced - FIM Mototour of Races (MoR). The idea behind MoR is to get together the world of motorcycle touring and motorcycle races under the aegis of FIM.The event took place in San Marino and was organised by FSM (Federazione Sammarinese Motociclistica).

MoR was held from 31.8.2022. to 6.9.2022. 

During the meeting we had great trips around San Marino and Italy's province of Rimini, we met with motorcycle sport riders, and were greeted by Presidents of Rimini in a spectacular Palace.


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FIM Rally 2022

After 2 years of cancellations due to Covid, we restarted the iconic FIM Rally for its 75. edition! FIM Rally took place in Ferropolis, Germany. There were 496 participants from 22 countries!


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FIM Rendez-Vous Meritum 2022

67 motorcycles and 77 participants, from 12 nations, marked presence at the FIM Rendezvous Meritum in Sonderborg, Denmark.

On the day of the arrival, the riders had the opportunity to taste a special Danish dish, which everyone loved.


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FIM Mototour of Races 2022

This year, we are starting a new FIM Touring event type - FIM Mototour of Races!

Dates: 31.8.2022. - 6.9.2022.

It is an event to join two motorcycle riding passions together - Motorcycle Touring and Motorcycle Racing - visiting MotoGP of San Marino!

For all the touring riders:
we are going to enjoy fabulous San Marino and neigbour Italy sites, visit famous museums, meet important people and have fun!


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FIM Motocamp 2022 - Le Teil, France

After a Covid break of 2 years, we restarted the iconic 39th edition of FIM Motocamp!

Motocamp was organised by Moto Club Le Teil

On the opening we were greeted by welcome address from Mr. Olivier Peverelli, Mayor of Le Teil, and Mr. Sebastien Poirier, President of FFM

Participants were also greeted by Mr. Damiano Zamana, FIM Deputy CEO, and Operations Director with help of FIM CTL Team - Stjepko Varga, Keith Freak, Franz Pintarich and Gilbert Van Bael.


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Hellas Adventure Raid in Nafpaktos, Greece, 2022

First day on the road of Hellas Adventure Raid in Nafpaktos, Greece. It was a relax day, with few kilometers, through the green areas of Geraneia mountains, to the riders get used to the terrain and to each other. At the end of the day, everyone met at the central public park by the sea, in Loutraki town and the ceremony started in very happy and light atmosphere!


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